LEER Truck Covers For the Holidays

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We covered the LEER booth at SEMA a few weeks ago mainly because the trucks there were amazing. They were lumped together with Pace Edwards, Raider and Century presumably because they make similar products. If you need to cover the bed for your truck, this the way to do it. Check out some of LEER’s options below.

LEER 100XQ Truck Cap

Truck caps are usefull if you carry a lot of large valuable items in the bed of your truck. this goes double if you work or live in an area that is less than 100% safe. In any case, it isn’t a bad idea to have a bed cover of some sort just for peice of mind. This model comes with wind down windows for ventilation as well. Options include a thule roof rack, 12v outlet, and even clothes hangers. Sweet right?

LEER Tonneau Covers


If you still want that peice of mind without the extra bulk of a truck cap, the tonenau cover might be more your speed. This is LEER’s flagship product, so you can count on it being high quality from the get go. DuPont paint, and the LEER Super Lift system come standard. You can even op for a keyless remote control and battery powered dome light to boot.

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