MOPAR Custom Shop: Factory or Aftermarket?

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Mopar Custom Shop
When it comes to modifying your vehicle, would you prefer to do it with factory or aftermarket components? Personally, I like the factory stuff. OEM’s know that the automotive aftermarket is a billion dollar industry and they want a piece of it. At the 2014 NAIAS for instance, MOPAR is covering 5,000 sq.ft. with their MOPAR Custom Shop. The idea is simple, get enthusiasts to design their perfect vehicle at the dealership and have it delivered to them their way. This is nothing new, in fact it’s how Dodge, Chrysler and Plymouth sold cars back in the ’60s. A recent press release stated that MOPAR adds roughly 1,500 new parts and accessories annually to its new catalog—a good thing, if indeed the general public knows this.

Here’s the deal – if, and that is a VERY big if – MOPAR can actually pull this off, it will be a model for other OEM’s to follow. Just imagine walking into your dealership and ordering up your new Challenger with Stage 3 cylinder heads, a performance exhaust, suspension and a factory tune. Then optioning it out with custom wheels and aero-options directly from the catalog. What you would have then is presumably your perfect ride spec’d out the way you wanted it and complete with a factory warranty and parts. BOOM! DONE!

Seriously, if they pull this off it could be an industry game changer.

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