Tech Thread Spotlight: Heating Up Your 2g Dodge Ram Heater

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Do you have a 2nd generation Dodge Ram pickup with a heating system that isnt blowing as hot as it should be even though you have replaced some components that should have improved the issue?  With the winter casting severe cold across much of the US, this is the worst time of year to have a faulty heating system in your Ram but there is a solution that could fix your problem with a few dollars in parts and some elbow grease.

Adding a flush T valve to the Ram’s heater core system will allow you to purge air from the heater core system.  In many cases, a heater that isnt blowing consistent hot air isnt working properly because there is air in the coolant system that runs through the heater core.  While you can “burp” the system by removing the radiator cap and starting the engine, adding a flush T valve closer to the heater core in your Dodge Ram pickup often proves to be a more effective way to get air out of the system.

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