Muddy Mondays: Ramcharger attacks the mud pit

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white ramcharger ram power 600

I love Ramchargers and while they seem to be a dying breed, there is no shortage of videos showing these old school SUVs in action.  Today we look at a 1985 Ramcharger as it tackles a short competition mud pit that ends with a low jump (and a pretty decent splash).  This mud pit doesn’t appear to be particularly challenging but maybe it is because this Ramcharger – and all Ramchargers – are just that awesome.

There isn’t any information offered on this Ramcharger shy of the fact that it is a 1985 model and that it is owned by someone named Brandon.  However, judging by how it sounds as it prepares for its run and how high it is sitting, it is clear that this Ramcharger has some engine work, a nice loud exhaust system and some serious suspension modifications that get this big Dodge SUV up in the air – allowing for plenty of clearance for the gigantic mud tires.  Having owned my share of built small blocks I would guess from the sound that this is a built up 360 but that is just a guess.  Regardless of what engine powers this Ramcharger, it sounds awesome and storms through the mud effortlessly so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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