Mopar Muscle: Listen to the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Scream

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hellcat video rev 600

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT powered by the Hellcat Hemi is the most powerful V8 vehicle ever produced by the Chrysler Group and today’s Mopar Muscle Thursday clip features the supercharged Mopar muscle car clearing its throat.  We don’t get to see the 600+ horsepower Hemi-powered Challenger doing anything other than sitting still while someone revs the engine, but anyone who loves Mopar muscle will agree that hearing this monster motor scream is reason enough to watch this video over and over and over.

As you can probably imagine, the new 6.2L supercharged Hellcat Hemi that will power the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat sounds as wicked as you would expect a 600+ horsepower American V8 to sound.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that the Hellcat is the best sounding of the modern American V8s, which a louder, raspier tone than the likes of the Mustang GT500 or the Camaro ZL1.

Needless to say, this clip is all about the sound of the new 600+ horsepower supercharged Hellcat Hemi so make sure that your speakers are cranked way up and enjoy!

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