Cool Thread of the Day: 3rd Gen Dakota Photo Scavenger Hunt

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While a great many of the threads here on DodgeForum are all about fixing or modifying your car, truck or SUV, threads like the 3rd generation Dodge Dakota photo scavenger hunt thread exist just for fun.
Having started back in April of 2012, this thread is packed full of images of members’ trucks near a certain object followed by instructions as to what the next “mark” item may be.  For instance, the when member Eimer123 started the thread years ago, his mark was a lake so his picture was of his Dakota in front of a lake (as shown above).  He then introduced a new mark, which was a donut shop and after member Dragon05 posted a picture of his truck with a donut shop, he introduced the new mark of a Chevy dealership.  Eimer123 replied with a picture of his truck in front of a Chevy dealership and the game continues.

As you flip through the pages of the Dakota scavenger hunt thread, you will notice that some of the images that were posted elsewhere and then hotlinked to DF don’t work now – but that applies to only a small number of the pictures in the sprawling 33 page thread.

Click here to head into the 3rd gen Dodge Dakota section to check out the photo scavenger hunt thread that has been running now for just over two years!  If you have a 3rd gen Dakota, feel free to get in on and fun and if you don’t, check the section that applies to your vehicle to see if there is a similar photo scavenger hunt and if not – open a new thread of your own!

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