Mopar Muscle Thursday: 1600hp Hemi Challenger rocks and rolls on the dyno

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mmt 1600hp challenger 600

I love watching dyno videos and this week’s feature video showing a 1600 horsepower Hemi Challenger on the rollers is very interesting – to say the least.

Seeing a car like this 1970 Challenger R/T powered by an obviously heavily built Hemi topped by a roots style supercharger in action is awesome and while we don’t get a look at the readout screen, the details suggest that this car is packing 1,600 horsepower and based on the sound – I am inclined to believe them.  What makes this video even more interesting is how much the car jumps around when the driver climbs up into the RPMs.  Even though there appears to be a tie down strap under the front end and reaching out the back, this monster blown Hemi Challenger looks like it wants nothing more than to jump off of the rollers and the shakiness of the car on these dyno rips make this video a bit more exciting than your run of the mill dyno video.

Warning: the screaming Hemi engine in this video is not running mufflers and the open header awesomeness was a bit too much for the microphone of whatever recorded this video.  Because of that, the sound is a bit sketchy so don’t crank your speakers up real loud at first as when the engine fires – the sound is deafening and not very pleasant.  However, when the car is running at wide open throttle, the sound of this Hemi Challenger is so intense that you can almost feel the power.


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