The Hotchkis E-Max Dodge Challenger Is Rolling Perfection: Video Inside

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By now most of you are beyond familiar with the Hotchkis E-Max Challenger, but every time we see the thing it puts a smile on our faces. The other day a yellow Challenger cruised by and it reminded me of the E-max car, which of course prompted an Internet search that unearthed another cool video of the yellow monster.

For those who don’t remember this corner-carving creation, the ’70 Challenger was bought on eBay and brought back from the dead with a full resto. It received plenty of Hotchkis parts and other go-fast goods. A Hotchkis TVS suspension system comes with tubular front upper control arms, adjustable lower diagonal rods, an anti-roll bar and quicker steering linkages. Out back you’ll find custom leaf springs with re-engineered front mounts and Bilstein shocks on all corners. 18-inch Forgeline ZX3 wheels wrapped in sticky Falken tires hide massive StopTech brakes and life on the inside is just as nice with some Sparco Milano seats and other bits.

Life under the hood is also good, like the six-pack of carbs and the 0.030 over bottom-end that also received a bigger bumpstick.
The exterior treatment is bold, yet subtle and is the perfect blend of old and new.
If I had the funds, I’d certainly have such a monster!


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