Mopar Muscle Thursday: Classic Dart, Chargers Soar Down the Quarter Mile in the UK

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This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday features takes us “across the pond” to Santa Pod Dragway in the United Kingdom where we get to watch a couple super fast classic Dodge muscle cars in action on the quarter mile as part of an American muscle car day at the track.

The first portion of the video shows a late 1960s Dodge Dart 2-door with 2 four barrel carbs and a huge intake manifold sticking up through the hood and while this Dart isnt beating anything up on its way down the quarter mile – the 10.62 quarter mile at 167 miles per hour is more than enough to show just how much muscle this classic compact car has to offer.

The second portion of the video shows a pair of nearly identical 1968 Dodge Chargers lined up to do battle on the quarter mile.  Unfortunately, something happens to the Charger in the near lane so the driver is forced to back out of the race but we still get to enjoy the car in the far lane rip down the track to the tune of 12.40 at 108 miles per hour.  Not quite as fast as the primered Dart but still very quick – and much quicker than a stock Charger from that era.

Of course, in addition to the sights of these classic Mopar muscle cars, this video also offers a chance to hear these monsters in action as they roar down the quarter mile so make sure that your speakers are cranked up!


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