Cool Thread of the Day: Picking a Cold Air Intake for Your Ram

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Whether you are buying a new Ram, a used Ram, a new Dart, a used Stratus or even a brand spanking new Charger SRT8 – one of the easiest (and often the first) modifications made by most owners looking for more power out of their vehicle is a cold air intake.  This allows the engine to pull air from a location where cold air is being sucked into the engine rather than the stock intake setup on many vehicles that draws hot air from inside of the engine bay.

Unfortunately, no matter what vehicle you are trying to modify, the odds are good that there are dozens of cold air intake options on the market so which do you pick?  Every company has claims as to why theirs is the best choice but when it comes down to brass tacks – no one is better to offer advice than someone who has purchased a cold air intake and installed it on their Ram or Dodge car/SUV.  In our 3rd generation Ram truck section, there is a long thread with a poll asking members to pick which CAI they chose for their vehicle followed by 23 pages of members talking about their experiences with the various intake brands.  So if you are looking to buy a new cold air intake for your Ram, this thread offers up plenty of advice from the people who are most likely to be honest about whether or not a given company offers a quality product.

Click here to check out the 3rd gen Ram CAI thread!

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