Mopar Muscle Thursday: Cuda Burnout on the School Sidewalk

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mm cuda school burnout 600

Any kid who drove a fast/powerful car or truck in high school undoubtedly had to deal with teachers who had a problem with the vehicle in question and what revenge would be better to put those haters in their place by doing a smokey Mopar burnout on the front stoop of the school?  For one kid who was lucky enough to be driving a 1970 Cuda powered by a 440 cubic inch big block – that dream became a reality.

During the school’s annual last day of school car show, the owner of this gorgeous 1970 Plymouth Barracuda drove (or perhaps  the son of the owner) drove his big block Mopar muscle car to show it off and while there – he was able to back the Cuda up to the front doors of the school for a quick burnout.  While I would imagine that the driver of this Cuda had permission to do this, I can only imagine how awesome it would have been to back my 340 Mirada up to the front doors of my high school and let’er rip – spraying rubber all over the front doors and filling the foyer with thick, white tire smoke.  Unfortunately, I never got that chance but this kid did so in addition to getting to drive one gorgeous Mopar muscle car, this kid got to live a dream of every high schooler who drives a high performance car.

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