Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Service the Throttle Body in your 3g Dakota

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3g dakota tb 600

Problems with the throttle body in your 3rd gen Dodge (or Ram) Dakota can cause a variety of issues ranging from poor fuel mileage to lack of power but with only basic tools and a handful of spare time – you can save yourself a bunch of money by servicing your throttle body on your own.  DF member baracis put together a great do-it-yourself thread on how to remove, service and replace the throttle body on the 3rd generation Dakota along with information on how to address problems with the throttle position sensor – another culprit which can cause drivability issues.  Finally, baracis includes information on how to handle problems with the Intake Air Temperature sensor (IAT) so with this simple, short thread, Dakota owners can handle a variety of throttle body related problems on their own.

Included in the 3rd gen Dodge Dakota throttle body DIY thread are Chrysler Group diagrams showing the different portions of the throttle body along with detailed diagrams of the throttle position sensor and the intake air temperature sensor for the Dakota’s 4.7L V8.  While this DIY applies to the 3rd generation Dakota, this piece does a great job of explaining what needs to be done to safely remove or replace any of the throttle body components or sensors for those with other Chrysler Group vehicles that may be experiencing issues with the intake portion of the engine.

Click here to check out the 3rd gen Dodge Dakota throttle body repair DIY thread.

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