Mopar Muscle Thursday: Dodge Demon 340 Crushes Modded Fox Body Mustang

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1971 demon mmt races mustang 600

This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday feature takes a look at a Plum Crazy 1971 Dodge Demon 340 in action on the 8th mile against what appears to be a pretty heavily modified Ford Fox Body Mustang.  There are no details about either of the two cars but based on looks, we would guess that the Mustang is super quick but the Demon looks relatively stock shy of the mild hood scoop – and the wheelie bars.

As the Demon does a huge burnout, it is very clear that this 340 is far from stock and as the two cars leave the starting line – the Demon shows this Mustang what Mopar Muscle is all about.  In the end, the Demon runs a 6.47 at 106.9 mph while the Mustang runs a 6.543 at 104.62 mph.  Even with the Mustang redlighting and leaving early, the Demon got to the finish line first.  The Mustang is fast but its not fast enough to beat this gorgeous Plum Crazy Demon 340.

I do have to apologize for the video quality but watching this mild looking 71 Dodge Demon 340 beat up this race ready looking Mustang was too good to pass up.  This Demon sounds as great as it runs so make sure to have your speakers cranked up to hear this high performance Mopar V8 in action!

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