Tech Thread Spotlight: Why doesn’t my 1st gen Neon gauge cluster work?

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1st gen neon gauge cluster panel 600

The 1st generation Dodge Neon was an awesome little car and it has become a popular choice on the used car market for those looking for a very inexpensive daily driver or a weekend track toy.  Unfortunately, these cars are getting a little long in the tooth and as vehicles get older, more common issues are likely to arise.  One such problem in the Neon is a gauge cluster that may fail to function but if have a thread here on DodgeForum that can help owners work their way through this annoying problem.

In addition to offering up a picture of the circuit board of the gauge cluster of the 1st generation Dodge Neon that highlights the problematic portion of the system, this thread includes 4 pages of questions and answers on what other problems may occur with the 1st gen Neon gauges along with ideas on how to address those problems.  Whether you have owned your Neon for years and you are just now running into gauge problems or you are considering a new-to-you Neon with a speedometer that doesn’t work – this thread can provide you with an answer for a variety of problems.

Click here to check out the 1st gen Dodge Neon gauge cluster repair thread!

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