Mopar Muscle Thursday: Even Dodge Cop Cars are the Fastest

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charger police cars on track 600

The reason that many of us drive Dodge cars, trucks or sport utility vehicles is because they are top performers in their respective segment – and even the Dodge police cars are the fastest in their small segment.  This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday clip focuses on these high performance police cars, showing us clips from the Michigan State Police tests back in 2012.  This video talks about how the Charger excels over the Ford Taurus based Police Interceptor and the Chevrolet Caprice PPV, turning in the best acceleration times of the 2012 trials while also setting records for both V6 and V8 police cars on the Grattan Raceway road course.

Of course, when you consider the simple fact that the Dodge Charger is one of the best performing large sedans sold in America while the Durango is one of the best performing SUVs – it is nice to see these vehicles prove that they are the best in an unbiased testing program by an independent third party.

Before enjoying the video below that shows the Dodge police vehicle lineup including the Charger and Durango in action, turn up your speakers as this video is chock full of interesting information on the success of the modern Dodge police cars and SUVs.

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