Tech Thread Spotlight: New Dodge Dart Diagnostic Code Glossary

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Are you having a problem with your new Dodge Dart sedan that is causing the car to report diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs) and while you are able to pull the code number, you are unable to figure out what it means?  If so, today’s Tech Thread Spotlight should be a gold mine for solving any problems with your new Dart as Chrysler mechanical guru master tech posted a comprehensive list of the different DTCs for the 2013 and newer Dodge Dart sedan.  This thread applies specifically to the new Dart powered by the 1.4L turbocharged Fiat engine, but many of the codes do apply to other (non-turbo) Dodge compact sedans regardless of the engine chosen.

In addition to a long list of the codes that can cause a Check Engine Light which pertain specifically to the engine and emission systems, master tech has also included a list of codes for the electronic power steering system and the transmission of the 2013+ Dodge Dart sedan.  In other words, if your Dart is reporting a trouble code – this thread should be able to decode the number for you!

Click here to head into our New Dodge Dart section for a closer look at all of the diagnostic trouble codes direct from an experienced Chrysler technician!

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