Mopar Muscle Thursday: Mopar Burnouts, Wheelstands and Racing Action

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dart launching 600

Each year, Mopars at the Strip draw some of the baddest Mopar Muscle cars from around the United States and Canada and this week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday video is a compilation of action from the 2008 Vegas event.  While this video is a few years old, it is still an awesome example of all sorts of Mopar muscle cars in action on the drag strip with some high speed racing action, some monster burnouts and some gorgeous examples of Mopar muscle being flexed as cars carry their wheels high in the air.

This video shows a wide variety of Mopar race cars including a rear wheel drive pro stock style Dodge Avenger, a 1965 Dodge Coronet, a 1969 Dodge Dart, a nostalgic Plymouth Roadrunner funny car, a bunch of Hemi Super Stock Cudas and Darts, Dodge Demons and even an early Barracuda launching so hard that it sheers off the left rear wheel.  That’s Muscle.

Even though this is an older video of the Mopars at the Strip event, it offers a great look at the types of action that take place at this event and other all Mopar racing events around the country.  Make sure that your speakers are cranked up as these Mopar muscle cars sound just as awesome as they look as they tear up the quarter mile.  Enjoy!


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