Tech Thread Spotlight: How to Tear Down a Dodge Dakota 4.7L V8

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Tearing apart the 4.7L V8 in your Dodge Dakota (and some Dodge Rams) can be a daunting task but with the proper tools and a good step by step walk through – even the most notice mechanics can take apart their engine. Fortunately, our 2nd generation Dakota subsection has a great DIY thread that will walk you through each step of tearing apart the 4.7L V8.  This thread even has tips and pointers along the way to help make the teardown as easy as possible.

Now, I should point out that if you don’t have any mechanic experience, tearing apart your Dakota’s motor with no assistance but the thread linked below may not be the best choice.  This DIY explains how to take the engine apart but it does not explain how to put it back together and while the easy reply is “just reverse the steps” – putting an engine back together in a way that will allow it to run again is harder than just tightening all of the bolts back up.  However, if you have mechanic experience and you are looking to replace some major engine components in your 4.7L-powered Dodge Dakota , this thread should help save you some teardown time since it is so well laid out with both text and images.

Click here to check out the 4.7L V8 teardown DIY in the 2nd gen Dakota section!

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