Mopar Muscle Thursday: Neon SRT4 Launches Slow – Still Slaughters Civic

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neon srt4 kills civic 600

This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday feature takes a look at one seriously fast Dodge Neon SRT4 engaged in some drag racing action with an also pretty quick Honda Civic.  The Neon in question is owned by Mr. Kevin Van Natten and it is powered by a Darrell Cox Racing 2.6 Stroker motor mated to a Darrell Cox Racing automatic transmission and while we do not know what was done to the Civic – it is clear to tell from the video that it is heavily modified…just not modified enough.

At first glance, this might look like a bracket race with the Civic in the far lane getting a head start but it actually appears to be a heads-up race where the Neon SRT4 didn’t get off of the line as well as the Honda.  This gives the boosted Civic a massive lead and at half track, it looks like the SRT4 is going to lose the battle.  However, in the last few hundred feet of the race, the Neon pulls hard and gets around the Civic – running a 9.83 at 158 miles per hour to the Honda’s 10.22 at 114 miles per hour.

One other thing…while this video is fun to watch both because of the super fast Dodge Neon SRT4 and the fact that it comes from behind to beat a Honda Civic…it should be noted that this Neon has gone much, much quicker.  The information on the video indicates that Van Natten’s nasty fast SRT4 has gone a best of 8.83 at almost 170 miles per hour.  That’s awesome.


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