Cool Thread of the Day: 4th Generation Ram Fuel Economy Thread

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There was a point in time where trucks owners didn’t talk about their fuel economy figures because they were generally so terrible but the long list of advancements in the 4th generation Ram pickup makes it one of the most efficient pickups on the market today.  That fact is based on the “official EPA figures” and since it is no secret that real world results may vary, the owners in the DodgeForum 4th generation Ram section have a long running thread with extensive fuel economy details.

Throughout the 19 page thread, owners post the information on their truck and the fuel economy figures that they experience in the real world.  In some cases, owners share what they got on long highway trips as opposed to normal daily driving but if you are a 2009-2013 Ram owner, this thread offers you a chance to see what kind of numbers you should be getting in similar situations.  Even better, if you are considering buying a new or used Ram 1500, this thread can give you an idea of the fuel economy figures that you can expect in a variety of situations.

Click here to check out the 4th generation Ram MPG thread!

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