Mopar Muscle Thursday: Plymouth Duster Drifts in the UK

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duster drifting 600

This week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday clip takes a look at a Plymouth Duster partaking in some drifting action at the Mopar Nationals.  However, this isn’t the Mopar Nationals that are held each year in Columbus Ohio but rather, this clip comes from the European Mopar Nationals held at Santa Pod Raceway in the United Kingdom.  The subject is a great looking bright yellow Plymouth Duster (a cousin to my Dodge Demon 340) and while we don’t know anything about the car in action – he does a pretty nice display of a rolling, turning burnout on the big open tarmac.

Before people chime in about how this drifting isnt all that great, we should keep in mind that this Mopar muscle car is a far cry from the vehicles that we traditionally see drifting.  He is really just doing burnouts and donuts but it is still a cool video. More importantly, we cannot always feature drag racing for our Mopar Muscle Thursday feature and this British Duster owner is probably having a heck of a good time while whipping around the back end of his V8 powered Plymouth in front of the UK’s major Mopar meet.

This manually shifted Plymouth Duster has a nice growl to it so make sure to have your speakers cranked up when you check out this week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday video!

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