Mopar Muscle Thursday: Super Slow Motion Dodge Challenger Wheelie is Pure Awesomeness

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challenger wheels up 600

The actual launch shown in this week’s Mopar Muscle Thursday by the vintage Dodge Challenger probably only took about 2 seconds in real time but super slow motion spreads it out across 39 seconds.  During those 39 seconds, we get an absolutely incredible look at what goes on during a huge wheels up launch as this Challenger shows just how much Mopar Muscle is has tucked under the hood.  The video starts fairly calmly, with the car not moving until the 15 second mark or so – but once this Challenger gets moving we get a real show.

As the Dodge Challenger launches, we see that it effortlessly rips the front wheels off of the ground and you can actually see the suspension system pull the wheels in as the nose heads north.  As the Challenger rolls out, the rear tires wrinkle hard under the force of all of that Mopar torque and as the car nears the camera, we can see that it pulled the front wheels up so quickly that they didn’t ever starting spinning.  The front wheels turn for the first time about 32 seconds in as they come back down to earth – at which point we can see how much abuse the front end goes through as the components flex as the car lands.  This is short…but it is incredible.  Enjoy.

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