Mopar Muscle Thursday: Slow Motion Dodge Challenger R/T Burnout is Incredible

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We watch a whole lot of Mopar burnouts here on the DodgeForum Front Page that are every bit as smokey as the one performed by the Dodge Challenger R/T below but none of them use slow motion to so perfectly give us a look at what happens during a burnout.  We have even featured slow motion burnout videos but never before have we seen a Dodge burnout that so clearly shows the various phases of a big, nasty burnout.

The video of this Dodge Challenger R/T doing a burnout runs for over 2 minutes but the video is running at a very low rate of slow motion.  The tires start spinning around 13 seconds in and around the 25 second mark, we can begin to see the molten rubber spraying across the pavement.  Around the 31 second mark we see the first wisps of smoke but the smoke show doesn’t really begin until almost 45 seconds in.  To get an idea of how slow this video really is, consider how fast we know that the tires would be turning in real life relative to what we see here – and that this Challenger probably creates smoke in a few seconds in real time while the real smoke took almost a minute in super slow motion.

As this Dodge Challenge R/T continues to roast the tires, we can see how the smoke kind of bubbles out of the wheel wells and out the bottom of the car and in my opinion, it doesn’t get much cooler than watching tire smoke come to life frame by frame.  The video ends with the Challenger rolling away from the camera as the big Dodge muscle car continues to blister the skins.  There is also a slow motion sound track of the Hemi V8 working as the tires spin so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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