Mopar Muscle Thursday: Stock 2012 Dodge Charger Super Bee Runs 12.49

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The modern Dodge Charger Super Bee package is a slightly lower cost version of the Dodge Charger SRT8 with less items that arent needed to go fast in the video below shows one of these Charger Super Bee sedans tearing through the quarter mile with a time of 12.49 and a speed of 114.98 miles per hour.  According to the owner (who posted this video), states that the car is factory stock and when you consider that Hemi powered monster has real seating for four adults and a curb weight around 4,300 pounds – a stock time like that is mighty impressive.

I generally don’t feature videos here on DodgeForum showing a Dodge racing and losing – especially to something like a 4th generation Camaro – but I was impressed enough by this clip of a stock 2012 Charger Super Bee running in the mid 12s that I figured that it would make a good feature piece for our Mopar Muscle Thursday.

One other thing to consider when watching this video is that the 2012 Dodge Charger SRT8 Super Bee in action ran 12.49 with a trap speed of almost 115 miles per hour and a 60 foot time of 2.008.  For those of you who are not sure, a 2.008 60 foot time is not very good (in the grand scheme of things) so if this Charger could get away from the line a bit quicker – it will most certainly get into the lower 12 seconds ET range.

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