Tech Thread Spotlight: Dodge Durango MyGig LockPick Install DIY

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Do you have a Dodge Durango equipped with a high end infotainment system and you hate the fact that the system won’t let you use certain features while the vehicle is in motion?  That is where items like the MyGig LockPick comes into play as with a simple installation process that takes just 15 minutes, you can unlock the full potential of your Durango’s infotainment system at all times – moving or not.

Fortunately, DF member cbrrider012 put together a great pictorial DIY showing the step by step process of how to install a LockPick in the newest Durango.  Once it is all setup, the LockPick will not just allow things like navigation address input and the entertainment system to work when the vehicle is moving but certain LockPick products coupled with certain head units add new features – like the ability to control accessory cameras from the touch screen and integrated performance gauges right on the infotainment screen.

The LockPick product being installed in this DIY is a direct plug and play setup so there is no wiring work involved so there is no risk to damaging anything when installing this system in your Durango (or a long list of other Chrysler Group vehicles with which this LockPick system will work).  It should be noted that the functions that are locked out while the Durango is moving have been locked for safety reasons so driver’s still shouldn’t fuss with these features while driving but the passenger can benefit from the unlocked infotainment system.

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