Mopar Muscle Thursdays: Dodge Omni slaughters Camaro SS

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Yesterday, our Truckin’ Fast Wednesdays feature took a look at an unlikely beating handed to a Camaro SS by a 2006 Ram Quad Cab and today – Mopar Muscle Thursday brings you a look at a Dodge Omni handing another Camaro an even more severe beating on the quarter mile.  We really aren’t looking to pick on the Camaro SS but this video is just too good to pass up.  Unfortunately, there is no mod list in the description or in the comments, but this is one seriously fast turbo Mopar hatchback.

The Dodge Omni GLH (and GLH-S – it’s hard to tell from the video which package is shown here) was way ahead of its time in terms of compact high performance.  Turbocharging has become commonplace among almost every automaker but in the early 1980s, it was practically unheard of for a 4-cylinder hatchback to go head to head with the top performance models of the era on the race track while still offering impressive fuel economy measures.  The Omni GLH was shockingly fast for its time but they weren’t anywhere near this fast – making it pretty clear that this one is heavily modified.

As soon as the 1988 Dodge Omni begins to spin its front tires in the burnout box, it is obvious that this isn’t your average Omni. The spooling whistle of the turbo and the loud discharge of the blow off valve are the first indications that this Omni might be built and when the green light flashes – the margin of victory shows just how incredible this 80’s hatchback can be with the proper upgrades.

At the end of the quarter mile, the 2010 Chevrolet Camaro SS runs a very respectable 12.24s at 112mph but that is nowhere near the blistering 10.87s, at 124mph, run turned in by the angular little Omni.


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