Tech Thread Spotlight: 2nd gen Dodge Neon Engine Torque Strut Adjustment

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2003 dodge neon 600

Motor mounts fall into that category of items that go bad on pretty much every modern vehicle from the Dodge Neon to the Dodge Ram 3500 but unlike some vehicles where fixing the motor mounts is as simple as unbolting the old mount and bolting up the new unit – the 2nd gen Neon relied on a system of engine torque struts to keep the engine properly positioned.  Any time that any of the bolts in the engine torque strut setup become loose, including when you are replacing motor mounts, the torque struts must be tightened properly to ensure that the engine sits in the bay correctly and that there isnt excess stress on the engine mounts.  Fortunately, we have a great DIY in our 2g Neon section that walks you through each step of the procedure with detailed diagrams to make sure that you know what everything is prior to tearing into the job.

Not only does our Dodge Neon engine torque strut adjustment DIY walk you through all of the features of the torque strut system and address how to properly tighten them all to factory specifications but it even includes a diagram that shows how and where to jack up the engine so that you can tighten the engine mounting system in the same fashion as the automaker expects.  Dealing with the engine torque struts can be a pain compared to other vehicles that use fixed mounts but this DIY can save you time and money when addressing faulty mounts in your Dodge Neon.

Click here to check out the DIY!

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