Mopar Muscle: Twin Turbo Dodge Viper Idles, Revs and Roars Away

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tt viper mmt 600

For our Mopar Muscle Thursday feature we have a short clip of a 1999 Dodge Viper GTS fitted up with an unspecified twin turbocharger package that makes it sound so freakin awesome, I couldn’t pass it up.  While most of our Mopar Muscle clips show cars, trucks and SUVs doing burnouts, racing or performing some other high performance act – the Viper in today’s piece is good enough to enjoy just sitting still, revving the engine and doing some fairly light pulls in the dark.

Fortunately, while this video of the twin turbo Dodge Viper doesn’t show all that much action, the YouTube user has a bunch of videos of this car doing different things in different stages of modifications – from street racing to burnouts to other idle/rev videos.  The stock Viper V10 sounds great, but this twin turbo setup with an obviously modified exhaust setup is automotive music to my ears.  Since the sound is so important, make sure that you are somewhere that you can crank up your speakers before enjoying this short clip of the original Viper GTS coupe in action.  Enjoy!

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