Tech Thread Spotlight: Zip Tie Modding Your 2g Ram Throttle Cable

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2g ram throttle mod 600

The 2nd generation Dodge Ram pickups use a throttle cable setup where a cable runs through the accelerator pedal and down through the floorboards where it heads to the throttle body.  One of the downfalls to this system is that over time, the cable can stretch (as shown above) and that lengthening of the cable creates a delay in throttle response.  The “proper” way to fix that problem is to buy a new throttle cable for your Ram, but DF member 99dodge318 put together a DIY that can take the slack out of your Ram’s throttle cable without the cost of the new cable – or the time needed to install the new cable.

Now, I will warn everyone who checks out the “zip tie mod” thread that there is some good old American ingenuity involved here and that some members don’t like the idea of fixing something on their Ram with a zip tie or four.  However, this is a super quick, super easy and super inexpensive way to take some throttle delay out of your Ram so while it might not be the prettiest fix…who really looks up under your dash?

In any case, if you want to remove some of the slack from your Ram’s stretched throttle cable, click here to check out the DIY!

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