Muddy Monday Veterans Day Edition: Dakota Mud Truck Carries Old Glory Over the Mud

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vet day muddy dakota 600

This particular Muddy Monday happens to fall on Veteran’s Day 2013 so I thought that it would be fitting to find a good mudding video with some American pride.  Fortunately, I found this clip of a super modified 1st generation Dakota mud truck tackling a serious mud hole with an American flag waving proudly from the back of the truck.

This video is short and sweet, showing the Dakota with massive tractor tires digging through some mild mud before plunging into one incredibly deep hole.  The Dakota is more than up for the challenge as the driver guns the throttle and lets the midsized Dodge pickup quickly dig its way up and out of the deep hole.  The flag might have gotten a little muddy in the process but a little mud cant hide the gorgeous red and white stripes or the field of blue.  This Dakota also sounds pretty awesome as the Mopar V8 growls when the driver asks for the needed power to pull out of the mud.

So most importantly, to all of those Americans who have served in the Armed Forces and all of those who have lost their lives while helping to protect our freedom, everyone here at salutes you! Thank you for your service, your sacrifices and your commitment to protecting the American dream.

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