Cool Thread of the Day: Ram Forum Terminolgy Glossary

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Have you ever been perusing DodgeForum, looking through threads about your Ram and seen an abbreviation that you didn’t understand?  Are you unsure of what IAC, NV2500, SWB, cat or some other term means in a thread or post?  If you…you are in luck as our 2nd gen Ram truck section has a full list of regularly used terms and abbgreviations that a forum newbie might not understand.  While these shortened terms are listed and most commonly used in the Ram section, many of these terms apply to a great many vehicles both old and new.

In addition to the basic Ram abbreviation glossary, this handy thread also list the engine oil capacities, transmission fluid capacities, transmission fluid types, differential fluid capacities and some information on how to check these fluids and how to go about filling them.  Finally, this thread has a collection of information on the types and grades of oil recommended for the various Ram truck engines along with other information on the brands of transmission fluid that is considered acceptable by the Chrysler Group engineers.

Click here to visit the Ram frequently used terms glossary!

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