Muddy Mondays: 1st Gen Dakota digs through mud in 2WD

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93 dakota 2wd mud still 600

Even though most mudding is best done in four wheel drive, this week’s Muddy Monday video features a 1993 Dodge Dakota digging through the mud in rear wheel drive.  Mind you, this Dakota is a 4×4 model but this video shows that even the 4×2 guys can have fun in the mud – although it is probably a good idea to have someone there to pull you out in case your rear drive truck gets stuck.

The 1993 Dodge Dakota in action in this video is a near stock 318 V8 model with just some decent tires and a Cherry Bomb muffler which actually sounds pretty decent in this clip.  The driver eases into the mud and about halfway through, it looks like the 4×2 might not be enough as the truck hesitates at the far edge of the mud pit.  The cameraman even chuckles as the momentum of the Dakota dies but with a little effort – our hero is able to dig his way out of the sloppy mud and water.  Once out of the water, the Dakota is able to dig its way up the muddy hill before spinning the truck to head back towards the camera.  This is a great clip of the 1st gen Dakota in action but the fact that he fords this pit in rear wheel drive shows just how great these trucks were in offroading situations.

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