Question of the Week: Would you buy the Dart or deeply discounted Avenger right now?

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The introduction of the Dodge Dart brought about an impact that many people didn’t expect – a huge spike in sales of the midsized Dodge Avenger. While many people believed that the introduction of the sportier, more efficient and higher tech Dart would overshadow the aging Avenger in showrooms around the country, the opposite seems to have happened.

Many people walking into Dodge dealerships to see the new Dodge Dart are driving out – but not in a Dart. They are opting for the slightly larger Avenger and in speaking with the owner of a Dodge dealership, the reason was very clear. Dealerships have a tremendous amount of wiggle room on the selling price of the Avenger but the size of the margin between dealership cost and MSRP is also much larger (than on the Dart). This means that not only are dealerships able to lower the price of the Avenger more than the Dart, they are also able to make more money on the Avenger than on the Dart. When you add in the fact that dealerships are trying to get rid of the 2013 Avenger as they prepare for 2014 model year vehicles – it becomes clearer still why so many people are buying the Avenger.

The upsides to the Dart are plentiful. The Dart is vastly more efficient, it is far more heavily equipped in terms of both interior and exterior features and anyone who has driven both of these cars will almost surely give the nod “fun to drive” nod to the Dart. The problem is that dealerships aren’t able to negotiate much on the price so the advertised website MSRP is probably pretty close to what you can expect to pay.


The Avenger has its own upsides with the most substantial advantages being the slightly larger interior and the optional V6 engine. While the Dart GT is coming soon with an increase in power over the current Dart trimlines, the V6 Avenger packs far more power with 283 horsepower so the Avenger holds a massive advantage in power and performance.

With this all in mind, if you were looking to buy a new midsized or compact Dodge sedan right now, would you buy the Avenger or the Dart?  Click here to tell us which car you would pick!

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