Muddy Mondays: 1st gen dually Ram takes flight

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ram dually flies 600

While the video below doesn’t include quite as much mud as we usually like to see from a Muddy Monday feature video – I just cannot ignore a 1st generation Ram heavy duty pickup taking flight as it heads into the mud.

Nothing is known about the truck in the video but based on the front end, I would guess that this is a late 1970s Ram D350 extended cab dually with a lift kit, six big mud tires and a driver who believes that this truck should have been built with wings.  The video starts off with this truck sitting far from the camera while we hear other trucks behind the camera that sound like they are digging through mud.  This lead me to believe that this first gen Ram is going to charge through a mud pit. But as the truck gets rolling – we see that this big Ram is headed into the air before heading into the mud.  Best of all, it looks like this truck handles the big air in stride as it rolls back out of the mud pretty smoothly.

The video is short but it doesn’t get much more awesome than a big ol’ 1st gen Ram heavy duty soaring through the air into a mud pit.  Enjoy!


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