Dodge Dart GT delayed – no 2013 models coming

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2013 Dodge Dart GT

According to the folks at Allpar, SRT Brand CEO and President Ralph Gilles posted on Twitter that the upcoming Dodge Dart GT would not arrive until August or September – likely making it a 2014 model year vehicle.  This comes as a disappointing surprise for those prospective buyers who had hoped to buy a 2013 Dart GT this summer but it sounds like there will be no 2013 model year Dart GT due to unspecified delays.

Mr. Gilles tweet, which could not be verified by Allpar, stated that “The Dart GT is in the final stages of durability testing, looking like it will be a 2014 meaning August/September.”  Allpar clarifies that production would begin in those months so deliveries likely wouldn’t begin until October or November.

In the long run, it really doesn’t make any difference to the consumer world what model year is assigned to a vehicle but if Chrysler has decided to wait until the 2014 model year to introduce the Dart GT, it means that those waiting for the highest performance Dart possible will have to wait longer than expected.  When the Dart GT was first introduced, it was believed that this high performance sedan would arrive in time for buyers to enjoy the summer, but a production launch in August or September kills those hopes.

2013 Dodge Dart GT

It might seem odd that the head of the high performance SRT brand would tweet about a vehicle that currently has no SRT affiliation but Gilles has commented in the past that the Dodge Dart GT offers a similar driving feel to the current Street and Racing Technology lineup.  It is widely believed that a Dart SRT is on the way in the next couple years with the GT serving as the “step vehicle” between the fuel efficient Dart lineup and the high performance, likely turbocharged Dart SRT.  On top of that, Ralph Gilles is a fan of the high performance compact world with one of his personal vehicles being a built Dodge Neon SRT4 – a vehicle that saw success that the Dart SRT would hope to emulate.

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