Muddy Mondays: 1st Gen Durango Attacks the Mud Forwards and Backwards

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durango back and forth mud 600

This week’s Muddy Monday feature takes a look at a 1st generation Dodge Durango digging its way through a watery mud hole but unlike most of our videos that show a Dodge or Ram vehicle climbing its way through the slop and then stopping – this guy goes back and forth through the deepening mud pit.  More importantly, he never turns around…he just throws it into reverse once he gets through it and tears through the mud backwards…only to go back at it once again.

There arent many details on the 1st gen Durango in action in the video below but we do know that it is powered by the 360 cubic inch 5.9L Magnum V8 and it certainly sounds as though this Durango has some sort of aftermarket exhaust system. It has what appears to be beefier than stock tires and it may be sitting a bit high which would indicate that there is an aftermarket suspension setup but any modifications have been done subtly enough that this Durango isn’t just a purpose built mud truck.

Im not really clear on why he keeps pulling the 1st gen Durango back and forth through the mud – whether he is trying to mix up the mud for more slop slinging fun or just simply showing off how well his Dodge SUV will go through this deep mud hole in forward and reverse gears.


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