Muddy Mondays: 5 minutes of a Dodge Dakota stuck in the mud

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dakota in the mud 600

Sometimes playing in the mud with your truck is a whole lot of fun while other times it seems like it would be better to pull the truck in question out and head to paved roads.  This week’s Muddy Monday feature shows the latter as we watch this 5 minute video of a Dodge Dakota that is seemingly unable to dig itself out of some deep mud.

There is really no description with this video that is simply titled “Dodge Dakota Mud” but from what we can see, this second gen Dakota has gotten itself into some mud without the capacity to climb back out.  While the Dakota is able to move around a small portion of the muddy area, he never gets onto anything with sure enough footing to do more than spin his tires and rev the engine as the Dakota flings mud everywhere.

One thing that you will notice is that this Dakota is stuck in what appears to be a farmer’s field and while they make some progress in both forward and reverse gears – this video ends with the Dakota buried up the axles in mud.  Considering how beat up the Dakota appears to be, I am guessing that they willing drove the truck into this plowed field and even the loud, cackling exhaust isn’t going to help it dig out of the mud.  This was likely one of those off road outings that likely ended up being much less entertaining than the driver had hoped – unless he wanted to bury his truck in the field – serving as a stark reminder that a day of playing in the mud doesn’t go as smoothly as we always hope.

I should point out that I do not speak whatever language is being spoken in the video so the shouting in the background might not be safe for work.


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