Muddy Mondays: A well driven Dakota conquers the mud

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v6 dakota mud 600

While last week’s Muddy Mondays feature showed a 2nd gen Dodge Dakota stuck in a muddy field, today’s feature video shows that a properly driven Dakota has no problem navigating a serious amount of mud.

This new video, which is almost nine years old according to the date stamp on the video, shows a near stock V6 powered Dakota going through the mud over and over again including some passes through the mud in reverse – showing that with a decent set of mud tires, even the lower cost V6 Dak can storm through the deep mud with the big dogs.

There are a few times during the course of this five and a half minute video where it looks like the Dakota might be stuck in the deep mud but the midsized V6 powered pickup never fails to free itself from even the deepest portions of this big sloppy mud pit.


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