Muddy Mondays: Power Wagon Ram Tests a Snorkel in Deep Water

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mm ram power wagon snorkel test 600

While watching a Ram truck slip and slide through some thick, squishy mud is among the most amusing aspect of offroading, dealing with deep water can also be a serious obstacle when storming through the wilderness – and that is where a snorkel intake comes into play.  A snorkel air intake moves the intake point for the engine air up to the top of the cab so the engine won’t be sucking in water unless the truck is literally up to its roof in water.  In this week’s muddy Monday feature video, we look at a 3rd gen Ram Power Wagon fording some deep water as the owner tests a new snorkel setup.

In addition to the snorkel air intake setup, this 3rd gen Ram Power Wagon also appears to have some suspension modifications (even for a Power Wagon – it sits awfully high for stock) along with some aftermarket wheels and tires.  The stream (or should I call it a small river?) doesn’t appear to be deep enough to need a snorkel with the high ride height of this Ram but as the comments point out, he is basically breaking in the snorkel setup before hitting the deep water.  In any case, it is fun watching the mighty Ram Power Wagon storm through the deep, fast moving water!  Enjoy!

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