Question of the Week: Do You Think That Chrysler Will Kill Dodge?

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2013 challenger rt 600

So a few months back, there was an unsavory rumor floating around the automotive world that the Chrysler Group was planning to kill off the Dodge brand as part of the new management’s efforts to do away with redundancies between the brands.  Fortunately, Dodge brand President Tim Kuniskis made comments that seemed to guarantee that the brand we all love so much isnt going anywhere anytime soon.  Since Kuniskis stated that Dodge had a bright future ahead, there hasn’t been much talk about the demise of the Dodge brand but with our question of the week, we want to know what our members think.

Do you think that there is – or was – a chance that the Chrysler Group would kill off the Dodge brand?

This rumor first surfaced when the Dodge trucks were split off to create the Ram Truck brand and the expected discontinuation of the Dodge Caravan lineup bolstered those rumors.  At the same time, even with the Ram trucks and Chrysler minivans being included elsewhere in the company portfolio, there are still a bunch of vehicles that are very important to the company which would go away with the death of the Dodge brand.  The Charger is one of the company’s bestselling models even with the Chrysler 300 being based on the same platform.  The Challenger and Dart are both unrivaled by any other models in the company lineup and while Jeep offers a huge spread of sport utility vehicles and crossovers – the Trail Rated brand doesn’t have an answer for the Dodge Journey.  Unless the company designed replacement models for other brands to “cover” for the Charger, Dart, Challenger and Journey, the Chrysler Group would risk losing the buyers of their most popular models and that leads me to believe that the Dodge brand was never on the chopping block…but what do you think?

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