Muddy Mondays: Stock 3rd gen RCSB Ram 1500 Getting It Done in the Mud

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mm stock 3rd gen ram 1500 600

While the vast majority of the Dodge and Ram pickups featured in our Muddy Monday segment are heavily modified, this week’s featured Ram 1500 shows what a near-stock Ram can do with just the help of some good tires.  According to the details of the video, this early 3rd generation Dodge Ram 1500 regular cab/short bed pickup is bone stock shy of the wheels and the 35 inch Mud Grappler tires yet it has no problem digging its way through what looks to be a fairly serious mud pit.

While modifying your Ram is the safest way to make sure that it can conquer whatever muddy obstacle lies before it, this video shows that even a Ram with stock suspension and a stock ride height can trudge through the mud.  If not for the all season tires that likely came on this Ram being so mild in terms of gripping ability, this Dodge 1500 pickup could have likely done just as well in pure stock form but to see this truck make its way through the pit with the only mods being a good set of tires speaks volumes of the standard capabilities of the Ram truck lineup.

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