Muddy Monday: Lil Red Express Ram Almost Rolls in the Mud

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lil red express mudding 600

A big part of serious offroading is showing off how far you can push your Dodge Ram but this week’s Muddy Monday reminds us of the risks associated with mudding.  No – I don’t mean having to ask a Chevy guy who avoided the mud altogether to pull you out.  As you will see in the video below, hot dogging in mud pits with sudden elevation changes could put your Ram on its roof..although the driver of this Ram truck was able to get it back onto all fours.

We don’t know much about the Dodge Ram offroading in the video below but based on just what we can see – this appears to be a 1979 Lil Red Express D150 pickup.  Realisictially, there are probably very few components of an original Lil Red road truck but the direction of whoever built this truck is very clear.  Thanks to the massive lift kit and huge mud tires, this Ram effortlessly pushes through the deep mud but as the driver gets to what looks to be a jump, he drives up onto the side of the dirt mound and slows to a stop. When he does that, the Ram begins to roll onto its right side but just as the driver’s side wheels begin to lift – the driver throttles it up and pulls away to keep the Ram from rolling onto its roof.


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