NA Dodge Magnum Runs a 9.29 Quarter-Mile

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With a trap speed of more than 146 mph, prepare yourself for one of the world’s quickest Magnums.

The Dodge Magnum has been gone from the company lineup for almost 10 years, but having been among the most powerful American wagons ever when they were offered from 2005 through 2008, they are still relatively common in the modern Mopar performance world. Sure, we don’t see as many Magnums as we do Chargers or Challengers, but the high-performance haulers are well-represented in the Mopar world.

Greg Davies' Dodge Magnum

Today, we bring you a look at one of the coolest Dodge Magnums in the world from the YouTube account of Matt Hellm, which is also one of the quickest Magnums in the world.

This black and blue Dodge Magnum is owned by Greg Davies, and having seen this car in person at the 2017 Woodward Dream Cruise, it is my favorite Dodge car to ever wear the Magnum name — no offense to our friends with classic Magnums.

Greg Davies' Dodge Magnum Hemi

The heart of Greg Davies’ BFNY Performance-built Dodge Magnum is a naturally aspirated aluminum Hemi from Arrington Performance, measuring a whopping 468 cubic inches, topped with a Wilson intake manifold and Arrington 90mm throttle body while being fitted with ARH headers. The power from this monster Hemi is sent to the wheels through a Paramount Performance NAG1 Transmission, a Driveshaft Shop carbon fiber driveshaft and a ZF rear differential from a new Hellcat.

Greg Davies' Dodge Magnum Rear

Next, Davies’ Magnum went through what he calls “obsessive weight reduction”, resulting in a curb weight of 2,905 lbs. without the driver, so in addition to having a ton of power — this Dodge muscle wagon is about a thousand pounds lighter than it was when it rolled off of the assembly line.

Greg Davies' Dodge Magnum Interior

In the video above, Greg Davies is making a pass at St. Thomas Dragway in Canada and with this run, he lays down his quickest quarter mile pass ever – clicking off the timers at 9.29 at 146.05 miles per hour.

This naturally aspirated Hemi sounds incredible during the run so crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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