Photo of the Week: CarGuyOhio’s Ram SRT10 Engine Bay

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blown viper ram

The fact that the Dodge Ram SRT10 Regular Cab is the fastest TRUE production pickup truck of all times is awesome but DodgeForum moderator CarGuyOhio decided that wasn’t enough – adding a Roe supercharged to make big power from the V10 Viper engine.  The result is one nasty truck but more importantly for the Photo of the Week, it looks awesome.

The bright red Viper valve covers sitting atop the cylinder headers of the Ram SRT10’s V10 engine provides great contrast against the super clean, mostly silver engine bay but the addition of the black supercharged body mounted on top of the engine adds a whole lot of extra “wow” factor.  This is one of those engines that doesn’t need tons of chrome or a crazy underhood mural to draw attention at cars shows as 8 liters of supercharged Mopar horsepower oozing from this spotless mill makes this truck a showstopper in any crowd.

As an interesting note, this monster blown Viper V10 is fitted into a Ram SRT10 that looks pretty much stock from the outside so if you pulled up next to this Ram on the street, you would be likely to think that this was just one of the “normal” versions of the world’s fastest true pickup truck.  Click here to head into CarGuyOhio’s short gallery of his Ram SRT10 and if you have a second, check out some of the other vehicles in his garage including a Dodge Challenger Yellow Jacket and a Hemi Ram.

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