Photo of the Week: Wombat Rangers Awesome 1st Gen Ram

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potw wombat ranger 93 600

While a great many Dodge lovers associate the Ram name with the more recent versions with fluid yet muscular lines, we should not forget the big, bold and angular Ram pickups prior to the introduction of the 2nd generation Ram in 1994 – like Wombat Ranger’s awesome 1993 Dodge Ram W250 shown here.  We hear so much about how great the modern Ram trucks are but it seems that many enthusiasts forget about the trucks that made the Ram name so popular before “the rules changed”.  This truck is a clear reminder of the 1st gen Ram’s greatness.

This 93 Cummins Turbo Diesel powered Ram 250 is big, mean and green and had my 2st gen Ram been anywhere near as cool as this jacked up beauty – I would still have it.  The dark green paint mated with the black grille, the predominantly black wheels, the black wheel arches, the black bumper caps and some essential chrome accents in the bumpers and mirrors make this truck a rolling work of old art.  Combine the great looks of this beast with the extensive suspension upgrades and the powerful 12V Cummins engine and Wombat Ranger has one of the coolest 1st gen Rams I’ve seen.

This Ram W250 looks great, it is super clean and – most impressive – it is 20 years old.  You can click here to check out more pictures of Wombat Ranger’s 93 Ram, including some cool shots in the snow.

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