Tech Thread Spotlight: 3g Dodge Ram HID Troubleshooting

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While a HID headlights have become standard on many new Ram trucks, these ultra bright lights have become a popular aftermarket modification for owners of older Ram pickups.  Due to the popularity of aftermarket HID kits, a great many companies (including a bunch of questionable eBay businesses with roots in China) have begun offering HID packages for the 3rd generation Dodge Ram pickup and like any popular modification – HID installs can come with a wide variety of problems.  Fortunately, we have an expansive thread in our 3rd generation Ram truck section where members can ask questions and they will be answered by some of the most knowledgeable Dodge truck owners in the world.

Whether you have already purchased an HID package for your Ram and you have some questions about the installation process or you have already installed the headlights and you have run into technical difficulties – this 3rd gen Ram thread is almost guaranteed to answer your question.  There are also questions about purchasing kits or things that you will need to plan for ahead of buying the high tech headlights for your Ram and best of all, there are so many questions and replies already asked that there is a good chance that whatever you need to know has already been posted.

Click here to head into the 3rd gen Ram HID headlight section!

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