Photo of the Week: gib_son911’s 2003 Dodge Ram Reminds Us of Warmer Weather

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potw black ram light flare 600

Generally the images that I pick for the DodgeForum Photo of the Week focus on vehicles that are either super clean or super modified but I picked this week’s photo due to the artistic nature of the Dodge Ram captured in the image.  This black 2003 Dodge Ram 1500 is owned by DF member gin_son911 and while it features a variety of go-fast modifications like headers, a full exhaust system, a BullyDog tune and 4.56 gears, you cannot see any of that in this picture.  You can see that this Ram has a set of aftermarket wheels but beyond that we cannot see much of this Dodge pickup – this is just a cool picture.

With so many DF members around the US trapped in the frigid grip of Mother Nature’s wintry fury, gib_son911’s Ram picture image reminded me of a far more comfortable day with the sun dropping in the summer sky.  Off in the distance is some greenery; you can actually see the ground without a layer of ice and this Ram isn’t covered with ice and road salt residue like my Ram 1500 is right now. This Ram is here to remind us all that while it is below zero right now…warmer weather is only a few months away.

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