Black Fridays: 3rd Gen Cummins Dodge Ram Rolls Coal on a Full Pull

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big bad dodge 600

This week’s Black Friday feature takes a look at one of the coolest Dodge Ram pulling trucks Ive seen with plenty of soot pouring out of the exhaust stack poking through the hood as it executes a full pull.  A great many pulling trucks I have seen online are obviously purpose built so they look like a truck that has been ridden hard and put away wet more than once but the Ram in this video looks almost streetable – except for the counter weight and fuel tank mounted out in front of the grille.  To add a little style to this hard workin’ Ram pickup, the owner has added a custom hood, projection headlights and a slick flamed out paint job.

Of course, since this is a Black Friday feature, this Ram packs Cummins Turbo Diesel power that allows it to omit a generous amount of thick black smoke into the air as it drags the heavy sled the length of the course.  Not surprisingly, the Cummins diesel engine at work here sounds wicked so make sure to crank up your speakers when you watch this Ram HD do its thing.

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