Photo of the Week: gvsu4msu’s 2003 Dodge Durango Playin’ in the Mud

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gvsu4msu durango 600

Sometimes our Photo of the Week segment focuses on build up show quality Dodge or Ram vehicles all shined up while others show the cars, trucks and SUVs that we all love getting down and dirty – and this week’s feature falls into the latter of the two.  The 1st gen Dodge Durango shown above is owned by newer member gvsu4msu and as you can clearly see, he is not one of those SUV owners who never leaves the security of paved roads.  In fact, this picture shows his “Double D on 33s” forging through some pretty serious mud.

While we know that gvsu4msu’s 2003 Dodge Durango is a 4×4 SXT model, Im not sure what he is packing under the hood but regardless of whether it is powered by a V6 or either a 5.2 or 5.9L Magnum V8 – it looks like it does a more than adequate job of conquering the mud.  For what it is worth, he also has pictures of his D all shined up and while I love seeing it slam through the mud, it cleans up real nice too.

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