That Time Hennessey Attempted 230 mph in a Viper – Part 2

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Dodge-Viper_Competition_Coupe_2003 with Dodge Viper

When we last left you, the Hennessey Performance twin-turbo Viper was having technical difficulties in achieving 230 miles per hour down the Maxton Mile.  First it was the transmission causing problems, then it was the engine computer.

With those hurdles cleared, it’s time for the sprint, and the HP gang is not messing around.  Driver John Kiewicz has learned to feather the insanely powerful Competition Coupe’s throttle to avoid spinning the Michelin Pilot Sport tires into giant, tractionless rubber bands.  The lead mechanic decides to remove the park-bench rear wing to make the red serpent as slippery as possible.  Every seam is taped over.  Even the wing mirrors are taken off in order to cheat the wind.

But that’s still not enough; neither is a fresh tank of higher octane fuel, new spark plugs and a replaced computer.  The beastly snake keeps electronically coiling up on itself in fifth gear and only hits 199 mph.

Not all is lost, though.  Near the end of the video, John Hennessey himself shares a neat story about a Hennessey-massaged Dodge Ram SRT-10 sold to a sheik with something to prove to his hypercar-driving buddy.

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